Frequently Asked Questions

How does the ordering process work?

Each month, I release a new menu with different offerings each week. You decide what food you'd like each week and can order by the week or by the month. Ordering, payment and menus are all processed through our website. Deliveries are on Sunday between 8-12, and pick up may be arranged Monday, from 9-1pm

How do I set up an account?

Follow the steps below to create a client account and place your order 1. Go to 2. Find the toolbar on the upper right hand corner and click it. (If you are not on a mobile device, you will see a navigation bar, rather than the toolbar symbol) 3. Find "Place an Order." This will re-direct you to our new ordering homepage ( 4. Fill in the 10% discount prompt if you are not subscribed to our emails already. You will be emailed a discount code that you can apply at checkout. (If you are receiving this email, you should have already been emailed the discount code) 5. On a mobile phone, you will see a tab on top right. Click "SIGN UP". This is where you will create an account name and password. It will send you an email confirmation once completed. 6. Once you have signed up, click on the green "PROFILE SETTINGS" on top left. 7. Under "MY IDENTITY" fill in your basic information 8. Under "MY ADDRESSES", fill out your billing AND shipping addresses. Your shipping address is where you would like meals delivered. 9. Under "PREFERENCES" choose what food preferences you have, and be sure to select any sensitivities or allergies you have! This helps me make sure I have record of your needs and preferences. 10. Under "MY CARD" fill in your card information for an easy checkout. This will now be the only way to pay. Now, you are ready to order food! 1. Find the toolbar in the top right corner. Click on "VIEW MENU." From here, you will see all the dates available to order for. Click on the date you'd like delivery/pick up and select what food you'd like. NOTE: You can order for just one week, or order all food for the month. If you order multiple week's worth of food in a single order, you will be charged for the entire order, not week by week. 2. When you go to order a meal, click on the shopping basket icon and select the quantity, and hit order. This will add it to your cart. 3. When you are done choosing what you'd like, click on the shopping basket icon and click "GO TO CART." From here, you can review your order, select delivery or pick up, and fill in billing information. You can also enter in your discount code here. 4. When you complete your order, you will receive a confirmation email that you may print off or save for your keeping.

Do I have to commit to ordering every week?

Nope! You can order as often as you'd like without any cancellation charges or weekly commitments. All we require is a $100 minimum order if you'd like delivery. If you can pick up your food, no minimum order is required. On our website, you may order for just one week, or order your food for the month. This is entirely up to you!

Where can you deliver?

We deliver to Central Indiana and surrounding areas. We often deliver to Carmel, Geist, Broadripple, Meridian-Kessler, Fishers, but do our best to not deny anyone delivery! We do add a delivery charge based on the mileage from our kitchen to your house. Your delivery charge will automatically be added upon check out based off of your address. Delivery Rates: 0-10 miles -$10 11-20 miles- $15 21-30 miles- $20 30+ miles - $30

Where is your kitchen located?

Our kitchen is located inside Broccoli Bills, 15009 Gray Road, Noblesville, IN 46062. This is where you will pick up meals also.

I have food allergies and sensitivities. Can you accomodate?

We do our best to accommodate as many food needs as we can! We see many clients with nut allergies, shellfish allergies and other sensitivities. Please let us know if you have any needs and we will do our best! You may also create a Dietary Profile on your ordering account which will allow you to view meals that fit within your needs. The more specific you are with what you can and cannot eat, the better we can help you to make sure you are getting exactly what you need! We believe all diets are bio-individual and there is never a one size fits all- which is why we want to create food that fits you exactly!

How can I keep updated with current menus?

Easy! Subscribe to our newsletter by going to the bottom of the home page, or email and ask to be added to the list. We send out monthly menu releases and weekly order reminders so you don't miss ordering deadlines!

Do you do provide calorie information for each meal?

We decided to not provide calories and macronutrient information for our food. We believe food can be balanced, intuitive and delicious, without the hyper-focus of calories. We base our meals off of quality ingredients served in appropriate portions. Each meal usually contains a 5-7 oz portion of protein, a serving of veggies and a serving of carbohydrate.

Can I buy food for a friend or family member?

Absolutely! We often have clients who buy meals for other families if someone is sick, or just had a baby! A home cooked meal is always an appreciated gift! To purchase a gift card, email, let me know the amount and email address of person you are sending to. I will send them a virtual gift card and a discount code of the $ amount and they can apply to their order at checkout.

What kind of food do you make?

These meals come fully cooked, so you don't have to do any work! They will always be gluten and dairy free, and use organic, local and seasonal ingredients as much as possible! Our meals focus on providing wholesome, nutrient dense food that is restaurant quality and never lacking in flavor. Each meal comes with an ingredient list too so you know exactly what's in each bite. We don't categorize our meals by any specific diet, such as keto, AIP or low carb. Each meal incorporates a different variety and style of food that gives you the freedom to try many different styles of food. We strive to provide food that is simple yet flavorful, compatible for families and foodies, that don't leave you bored and looking for the next new meal.